Welcome to DMZ Games


DMZ Games is a young game publishing company based in Barcelona, Spain.
We are a small company, a group of friends who love board games, mainly focused on original publications from promising Spanish designers, trying to provide as maximum customer value as possible in the process.
We also aim to bring interesting international licenses to the Spanish market (notable ones include Vampire: Heritage, Lorenzo il Magnifico or Sail to India).
We put the utmost interest in our games being of quality, both in terms of gameplay and in components and graphic design, even though that could entail limitations in our production capacity and budget. We always put customer’s satisfaction at the top of our priority list
At the moment we are going step by step, one Kickstarter campaign at a time, but we are sure that we will thrive!



A commodity-speculation, pick-up-and-deliver game set in the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.

Phraya is our first self-created eurogame. A medium-weight game, agile and simple enough in mechanics to play with inexperienced players, but with enough depth to also represent a challenge for more veteran players.
Water markets were centers of economic activity and now you can relive the experience of one of their ancient merchants. Trade from stall to stall while trying to get the best prices, make offerings in the temples to get Buddha’s favor, buy your own stalls to do business, and approach the king’s barge to earn his kindness.


A claustrophobic and stressful one-versus-many board game for up to 5 players.

A.D.E.L.E has been our first major project of our own: it was successfully financed in 2021 through a KS campaign and reached the general public in January 2022.
In it, all but one player take on the role of astronauts on a journey to Mars that begins to go wrong when the on-board computer becomes self-aware and identifies the crew as potential threats. The remaining player will control the powerful and vigilant AI of the spaceship: ADELE.


A city (orbital station) building game with a tile placement base and a clever building purchase mechanism.

In Orbital, you design and build your own space station making it as self-sustaining as possible. Your population will need houses, which will in turn need energy. Farms, gardens, facilities — there’s a lot of elements to take into account. Depending on their size and the position on the board, buildings are more or less expensive to acquire. Also, players pay by leaving their money on the pieces they reject to try to get to the one they want. Take a piece everyone rejected, and you will get a lot of useful money. Get the buildings you need and design the best station to be the winner.


A hand management game with a majority mechanism using hidden cards and bluffing to keep the uncertainty of who controls whom until the end.

In Versailles, players take the role of newcomers in the court of Louis the Great that try to earn a position by courting the most pre-eminent figures at the palace: The King, The Queen, The Cardinal, The Duchess, The Chamberlain, The Seneschal and The Spymaster.
The players have to fight for the favour of as many characters as possible while trying to make them earn as much influence at court as possible.

the treasure of isla tortuga

A push-your-luck card game of pirates and treasures for the entire family.

In The treasure of Isla Tortuga, the active player draws cards from the deck trying to find useful ones for his ship. Every card has a cost in one resource, but also contributes with some to your resource pool. This way, the more cards you reveal, the more resources you get and the better cards you may acquire. But be careful, every card has a disaster flag associated. If you show three identical flags you’ve had it!
Also, you may try to board another player’s ship to steal from them. This is why, before picking up a big treasure, you may want to hire some tough crew to help you protect it…

high score

A push-your-luck game with dice management as the main mechanism and a retro-feel evoking 2D videogames. A lot of game variants, including solo and collaborative modes, allow you to shape the game the way you like.

In High Score, your character has a determined dice pool each turn that you may spend to try to overcome the difficulties of every dungeon card you encounter. Succeed and you move to the next card; fail and you lose a life.
How many dice will you spend on every card?
Choose a character, get your skills ready, and cross the dungeon towards the final boss that awaits you!

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